Monday, July 5, 2010

Bits of my weekend volume 6

We started our fourth of july weekend at the ballpark.

greer stadium, to be exact, to see the nashville sounds play ball.

those fancy noise reduction head phones are for when they shoot off fireworks at the end.

love the guitar shaped scoreboard.

i know it's silly to try to capture fireworks with a little point and shoot, but i had to try.

not too bad.

then hubz decided to take us on a spur of the moment trip to chattanooga to see the tennessee aquarium.

the boy hit the hotel's pool right away. and then retired to the hot tub.

he's nothing if not stylish.

then we hit the aquarium, and headed straight for the shark tank.

we saw an underwater show.

we went to the butterfly garden.

and we petted stingrays. oooooh, slimy and soft!

and there were penguins!

and some great big hairy starfish.

my favorite was the jellyfish room.

you just can't stop staring at them.

very calming, in fact.

this guy is a leafy dragonfish. extremely cool.

there was so much more - exotic frogs, giant crabs (shudder) and sea worms (double shudder).

the aquarium was phenomenal.

and this water feature outside was the icing on the cake.

did i mention we had perfect weather?

i wanted to stay for the live big band music, but we were all pretty tired.

the boy crashed on the ride home, which was such a lovely drive.

we must do this again.

happy fourth!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Perfect pics! The guitar scoreboard is awesome. I love the penguins too. They're my favorite animal.

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