Monday, June 14, 2010

Bits of my Weekend Volume 5

because i'm going to naples, fla., this week, we decided to celebrate father's day early.

first we dipped strawberries in chocolate.

it was a fun experiment. and virtually impossible to mess up.

that's my kind of experiment.

we also discovered a new park.

and played ball.

we went to lunch with the boy's buddy winston, and they
had a straw fight.

we'd try to stop them, but it's pointless. they fight like

the boy and I took hubz out for an awesome dinner at
burger up.

it's a locally owned restaurant that serves all locally grown, organic food.

and it's super kid friendly.

we started with the fried pickles.

not a big hit in my book. i'm still tasting garlic.

hubz had the classic burger with honey dijon aioli. he was
duly impressed.

being the pescatarian i am, i went with the crab cake with
spicy lemon lime remoulade.

out of this world. seriously. two thumbs up.

the boy had a kids' size slider and fries. and by slider
and fries, i mean fries. he's a vegasaurus like his mama.

the kids menu can be found inside a book they give you to
look at when you arrive.

we liked the sweet potato fries plain - the jack daniels maple ketchup was super sweet and not at all necessary.

the regular fries were excellent with the buttermilk ranch sauce that came with the fried pickles. see how creative we are?

then we explored the neighborhood and found a little market that sold locally made kombucha.

mmmm ... gingery.

we also went to the mexican popsicle shop, las paletas. hubz had chocolate almond and the boy had strawberry chocolate chip.

i didn't have any because i had a tummy ache from those dang pickles. see that arm? that's hubz.

after the cramps subsided, we went to dragon park until
the sun went down.

then we went home and watched the toy story
marathon on TV.

what did you do? to join the conversation, visit the
fabulous 6 in the city now.


sherilee said...

What a lovely weekend! I have always wanted to try fried pickles, but your non-recommendation is giving me pause...

Kelly Tirman said...

OMG. I LOVE LOVE LOVE fried pickles!!!

I had them for the first time about 5 years ago when I had to travel to NC for work and now I have to order them whenever I get a chance - which honestly is not ever often since most restaurants in San Fran don't have fried pickles on the menu :)

I also am a huge fan of sweet potato fries.

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