Friday, March 5, 2010

yesterday was not fun

i took the day off to unpack but also had a doctor's appointment (a physical) that required me to fast for six hours beforehand.

that meant i spent the bulk of the day grumpy and hungry and caffeine-deprived, which resulted in a whopper of a headache.

at the appointment, i had to have blood drawn, which is typical. but then they insisted i get a tetanus shot since i haven't had one in, well, i don't know if i've ever had one.

when i got back to the apartment, i stubbed my toe badly and tore the nail diagonally and deeply.

so it was kind of not really a fun day off.

but hubz went and picked up burritos and chocolate soft serve yogurt with reese's cups on top to cheer me up.

i'm not gonna lie. that helped.

don't you love how my toes look like fat little sausages?

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