Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A year in the city!

here are a few shots of the new place. it is starting to come together. my fear is that i won't have unpacked by the time the 13-month lease runs out. so we're diligently digging through the boxes and making it feel like home.

the common area is where we watch TV, eat, surf the web, and of course, make music. We love the view of the upscale condos across the street.

There are two bedrooms and two full-size bathrooms, a kitchen with island, pantry, hall closet and a stackable washer and dryer. oh, and there's a nice verandah. (great for blowing bubbles!)

we are dealing with the limited space, but when things get tight, we jut pretend we are new yorkers. it's amazing how great it feels to get rid of all the extra stuff you think you need but you don't.

pics of the kitchen TK (that's "to come" in editor-speak.)

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