Thursday, March 18, 2010

watch out for this guy in about 15 years.

the boy loves his faux leather motorcycle jacket.

hubz got it for him a couple years ago at a truck stop.

every spring he gets it out to see if it fits yet.

then he asks, Mommy, when i get bigger, can i have a motorcycle?

to that, my response is, "No, I won't be getting you a motorcycle. Now, if you choose to get one when you're a grown-up, that is up to you. But they're very dangerous."

am i really such a kill-joy?

yes. yes I am.


Deb said...

You did good I think - you could've said "No, never - you are never to have a motorcycle, they are dangerous and bad, very very bad!" Then you might have scared him for life - lol!

Joan said...

i may have said that too at some point!

Kelly said...

You can always send him over to Tyler to talk about riding a motorcycle - he will launch into a speech about motor cycle drivers being organ donors - it isn't pretty:) So you are mild compared to our house. Plus you are the mom - that is what you are supposed to say:)

Jean said...

I told my 6 year old Jackson "You will never, ever, ever, ever, ever (dramatic pause) EVER (another dramatic pause) have a motorcycle." Case closed.

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