Thursday, March 11, 2010

mysterious ways

You may remember the amazing woman I've referenced a few times over the past year, kelle hampton.

her precious blog about her family is poignant and inspiring and has moved me to tears more than once (well, pretty much every day).

apparently i am not the only one inspired. when kelle's daughter was born six weeks ago with down syndrome, kelle shared the raw, powerful emotions she experienced, resonating with moms the world over.

literally thousands of people discovered her blog and have fallen in love with kelle, baby nella and the whole hampton family.

CNN has picked up her story, and she will be featured Tuesday, March 16 at 3 pm CST. Read more here at CNN's homepage.

UPDATE: The interview is on CNN International (CNNI) Tuesday at 3 p.m. Central (The actual interview doesn't air until 3:35, and it will be live). If you don't get the CNNi channel, it will be available online soon after here.

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