Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DVR has made me a better mommy and here's why.

who knew a little feature added to my cable bill would change my life this much? And make me a better mommy to boot?!

what is this feature of which I speak?


it's like having a personal assistant. it records all my favorite shows for me automatically.

it's life-changing, because i don't have to know what day or time my shows are on.

that frees up a whole lot of brain space, i gotta tell ya.

and no more planning my evenings around the TV. that means i don't have to rush back from the gym, or send my boy to the back room to play so mommy can watch dancing with the stars uninterrupted.


the shows are all taped and waiting, so i can watch them at my leisure, usually after the boy's in bed. and i fast-forward through commercials, so it takes about half the time.


on so many levels.

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