Wednesday, February 3, 2010

this woman amazes me

kelle and i have become blog friends and i have met her in person once.

she has been anxiously awaiting her new baby, and last week little nella cordelia arrived.

read her amazing story here - her honesty is hearbreaking, real, brave, triumphant.

read her story and leave her a comment - a word of encouragement for a woman who has more courage and love than i can imagine.

go. read it now.

Image (c) Heidi Darwish Photographyy/Naples, Fl.

1 comment:

Happy Mom said...

Hello this is truly an amazing woman. Beautiful story and shes a huge inspiration. The photo is beautiful as well.

Correction: the photo was taken by Heidi Darwish of

She did photos for my children this summer and they were stunning.

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