Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic fever is here

And you know what that means. figure skating.

and lots of it.

i've been a closeted figure skating fan for longer than i care to remember.

please don't judge me.

i used to be able to name every athlete and what they placed in every competition.

but i kind of lost interest recently when many of my favorite skaters (michelle kwan, sasha cohen) were injured or retired.

now it's a whole new crop of itty bitty jumping beans i have yet to become familiar with.

my interest was rekindled when sasha tried to make a comeback this year. ultimately, she only placed second alternate on the olympic team, so it would take an act of God or tonya harding for her to get to skate in vancouver.

still, i can't wait to watch every minute of the olympic coverage of skating, skating and more skating.

pictured here is mirai nagasu, an american upstart with real talent (second at nationals).

we can only hope dick button will be there to commentate and criticize as only he can.

oh, and i hear there are other olympic sports too. be sure to watch those if you get the time.

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