Saturday, January 23, 2010

please be my (cyber) friend.

i have my favorite bloggers that i follow. and it seems like they are really my friends. for example,

my friend steph at stephmodo just finished renovating her country home in france ...

and my pal naomi at rockstar diaries just got a new bulldog, kingsley ...

sweet kelle at enjoying the small things is in labor with her second baby as we speak ...

sometimes their lives seem as real to me as my own and i forget that they do not know me at all.

sometimes i comment at their blogs, and hope, fingers crossed, they will answer, and acknowledge me as their cyber friend.

sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

my latest obsession is with jill, from today i saw, who draws a lovely picture each day and mails it to someone she likes.

i want her to like ME. i have commented, a couple of times, asking her to send me a drawing. i especially like the one above, but obviously she already sent that one to someone she likes better. boo.

but recently she announced that her friends were getting way too much mail from her, and she wanted regular people (like ME! like ME!) to leave her a comment and she would put us on a list to receive a drawing.

and so, we wait.


Anonymous said...

I'll be your cyberfriend. I've been following your blog for a few weeks now - the OCD on cupcakes is... unique. I used to have a blog once mostly because the compulsively analytical person that I am discovered the creative outlet of writing was satisfying. But the mix of fact and fiction in the blog got me in trouble, so it is no more. The truth is, you may know me, or you may not. I wouldn't be surprised if you get that occasionally. I sat next to either you or your sister in 9th grade biology class. I think we even dissected a fetal pig together. But 30+ years later, I can't remember if it was Joan or Jean, and I can't think of a way to figure it out.

Joan said...

dear anonymous - why are you anonymous?
ps wasn't it fetal pigs we dissected? i don't remember frogs. thanks for reading.

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