Wednesday, January 27, 2010

LAFFMOR? Yes, that's needed today.

it's cold out.

i'll never make deadline.

and i got a ticket this morning on the way in to work.


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Anonymous said...

As Captain Crunch was waving good-bye this morning, I read a story in my local paper about Tennessee T-cakes made right there in Nashville. Granted, they are probably technically not cupcakes, but the picture in my paper sure made them look like a close cousin.
The picture on this webpage makes them look like nothing more than frosting in a cup?

To be honest, for some time now I've looked at cupcakes as something akin to an ugly step-sister to the great and glorious CAKE. Because of your blog, I am reassessing my view. Is there something more to these tiny imitators which I have been missing?

Sorry about the ticket.

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