Friday, December 18, 2009

Feliz Cumpleanos!

the girls (including baby lilly) took out our favorite former pre-school-teacher-turned-researcher (and friend) kelly for her birthday to taco mamacita in edgehill village.

recently opened, it's bright, cheery and hip all at the same time. initially i thought i'd miss the former rosario's that was in this space, but the guac and fish tacos made me forget all about that tofu burrito (well, almost).

also the tortilla soup was a big hit with the gals. dos thumbs up on this new taco joint. you can never have too many, in my opinion.

PS the guacamole was so good we devoured it before i could get a picture.


Ronala said...

Joan, tell Kelly that I said hi and that I miss her...
Is Baby Lily Winston's sister?
If not, she looks just like Winnie did as a baby..
Glad you guys had fun..
Miss you lots!

Joan said...

yes, lilly is winston's baby sister. she looks exactly like winston and she is so sweet!

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