Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The chores! The Stores!

it's official. the sign is in the yard.

yes, it's true - after 11 years in our little cabin in the woods, we are ready to trade in that 26-mile commute for a city place.

though it's a huge change for us, it will be great for the boy, who will be closer to daycare, his friends and our favorite babysitters. we'll also be getting him into the school district we've had our eye on for a while.

we've already had one showing and our little cream puff is getting rave reviews. but will that result in an offer? a bidding war? who knows.

and will the owners adopt our gaggle of cats and promise to feed the possums and call them by name? (note: the big one is Lester Sprigley)

stay tuned!


John Skinner said...

Where are you planning on moving to?
It sounds soo exciting!

Joan said...

moving in to town - looking at some cool condos to lease that are close to work! we got an offer on the house already!!!

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