Saturday, November 14, 2009

what a night

my birthday dinner out with the girls was terrific. sheryl and the kellys made me feel like a million bucks. first they gave me some fantastic stuff from the 212 New York Skyline dinnerware from fishs eddy. then it was off to suzy wong's house of yum, where we occupied the premiere table by the window, and were treated like the princesses we so deserve to be.

the food was fan-tast-tic. what can i say? it was out of this world. the crunchy shrimp and avacado maki roll was heaven. i don't know what chef arnold myint does to it, but it simply melts in your mouth.

and the five spice pork ribs were an outstanding mix of heat and sweet - so tender they dropped from the bone. we had the garlic and holy basil egg noodle lo mein, plus a few other things. everything absolutely stellar.

and the buttery 'just sauvignon blanc' was tremendous. the night could not have been more special. our server stephanie was extremely helpful (and patient) and house manager donnie even stopped by for a moment or two.

i cannot recommend this place enough.

go. now.

well? go on.

The posse, left to right: queen of nut allergies kelly r. ("k-rock"); michigander kelly b.; me; and total texan sheryl r.

1 comment:

Jean said...

wow! the food looks amazing. sounds like you had a wonderful night and you richly deserved it. when i come to nashville, i expect to have a great night at susie's!

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