Tuesday, November 3, 2009

there's just something about kelle

i've been reading kelle hampton's blog for the past year. she's my sister charlotte's neighbor in naples, florida, and is a gifted photographer and mom.

when she's not photographing kids, babies, couples and families, she is hard at work documenting every moment of her two-year-old lainey love's life, from her tea parties to her precious little toes.

i love how kelle goes wonderfully overboard on being a mom. loving every minute of it and capturing it for us all.

it was surreal this past weekend when i met her for the first time, met little lainey and saw the house and people and surroundings i've only viewed by way of the computer screen all these months.

i must admit i was a little bit star struck. and best of all, she photographed my sister charlotte and me, AND my cupcakes and put them on her blog.

it's kind of a dream come true, actually.

Oh, and the cupcakes, the cupcakes! Charlotte (the real baker in the family, besides my mom, i mean) and i experimented with a buttermilk cupcake recipe and it was a complete success. We made a buttercream icing (with more buttermilk, to give it tang) and topped the cakes with crushed oreos and milano cookie gravestones.

And you know what? they were good. really good.

1 comment:

Kelle said...

Joan!!!! You know I love you, Baby! You are welcome in our home whenever!!! You are so sweet to post this!! Xoxo

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