Monday, November 23, 2009


friday mom and dad drove down from illinois for a much needed visit.

they whipped up an entire early thanksgiving meal for me and helped get up some of the christmas decorations.

and the new kitchen aid, the new kitchen aid! we've named her "black beauty," and put her to use in making pumpkin pie.

tonight we're going to whip whole cream for the pie and experiment with meringue. for the generous little elves who gave me this amazing gift, I could not be more thankful.

jack henry has been ecstatic to spend time with granny and grandpa, who went with us to red tree coffee, the library, the park and panera bread. we went treasure hunting at goodwill and essentials shopping at target. i haven't had time to download the pics, so i've posted my beloved black beauty for the time being.

there's nothing like the love of family.

thankful, thankful.

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