Sunday, November 1, 2009

goodnight, naples. i will miss you.

the last night. i can't believe it's over. back to reality. boo. anyway. the sunset tonight was amazing. i love how the good people of naples, florida gather each night to see the sunset. it's a regular activity. chardy and i forgot about the whole time change thing and almost missed the sunset. by the time we got there the sky was pink and fabulous and we asked this adorable couple to take pictures of us and they asked us to take pictures of them. been together 41 years. they were the sweetest.

we've already decided that our family reunion next year needs to be at vanderbilt beach. it's just so great. bungalows, private pool, beach access, and of course, a sunset viewing deck. can't wait. bye-bye naples - see you soon! chardy - i couldn't ask for a better big sis.

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