Friday, November 13, 2009

getting sentimental for a minute, if you don't mind.

being a twin is one of the most defining factors of my life. i was never afraid to go to school because jean was with me.

usually we sat in the same desk together and rode on the school bus in the same seat.

we dressed alike for more years than i care to admit. sometimes, when we're together, we still do.

even though we live 1,971 miles way from each other, it's not unusual that we would buy the same lipstick in the same shade on the same day. without talking about it first.

i also have a tremendous bond with my "big" sister, charlotte, that grows each day. she was the one to teach me to read, to dream of college, of doing something wonderful with my life. we may not be triplets, but today, it feels like it.

i love my sisters. can you tell? and lest i forget - my brother david too. Oh, and mom, thanks for having me. it may be the twins' birthday, but it's really your day, afterall.

enjoy these lovely old snaps.

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