Tuesday, October 27, 2009

whooooo wants a failed owl cupcake?

i'm not gonna lie. the owl cupcakes were a complete disaster. the first image is what they were supposed to look like.

the next two are what mine looked like. not good.

the oreo eyes were too heavy and wanted to slide off. plus, i was trying to make them without chocolate icing because the boy's daycare doesn't allow the kids to have chocolate treats.

eventually i gave up on the owls, but i feel like if i had more time i could have made them work.

the butter cake recipe I used actually was pretty good, and the ghirardelli chocolate icing i ultimately made was not bad. so i left the cupcakes (sans owl parts) in the teacher breakroom at the boy's daycare.

i hope the ladies enjoy.


amykat said...

I actually made them as well, for lab meeting this week! I tried the faux chocolate ganache and didn't have corn syrup, so the topping was actually just melted chocolate chips, but they were big hit. Well, except for the guy who felt like they were looking at him while he was eating...

Debbi Migit said...


Last year I tried making Turkey cupcakes for Kate's class party--disaster! Phil didn't seem to mind' em tho :^) This year I am signed up for Christmas (Ethan) and Valentine's (Kate)I'll be checking your blog for some 'Debbi friendly' ideas (read: SUPER easy! :^)

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