Saturday, October 31, 2009

oh what a day i'm having

there was drake-o's soccer game, then off to chardy's friend chrissi's to sample her amazing pumpkin cupcakes. then it was the neighborhood trick-or-treating bash. i got to meet a mommy blogger i've been following for a long time. i must say, i was overcome with fan-like admiration. i've met a lot of celebs but this gal was like meeting madonna for me. more on that later.

then chardy and i went to a fabulous restaurant called sea salt in downtown naples. quite a hoppin little downtown. very fancy-like. we had grouper on a bed of polenta with roasted tomatoes. quite a night. we are back home, ready to hit the sack. i hear my boy had a tremendous night trick-or-treating in downtown kingston springs but haven't seen the pictures yet. naples is fabulous beyond words. tomorrow it's off to sanibel island for brunch and shelling. feel free to be jealous. nighty-night.

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