Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a bagel by any other name ...

once upon a time, twinny and i used to spend a lot of time in pasadena, california, and our favorite breakfast spot (well, one of them) was noah's bagels.

my favorite was the potato and cracked pepper bagel with a whipped cream cheese schmear. a little tangy, a little crunchy and a lot peppery. mmmmmm.

at one point, noah's discontinued my favorite bagel. what a horrible shock.

then, a couple of years later, they brought it back. but i digress.

nashville recently got an einstein's bagels, which is owned by the same company as noah's so my first thought was that maybe, just maybe, they'd have my beloved potato and cracked pepper bagel.

lo and behold, the angels sang and the skies opened up when i saw this sign. a potato bagel. dusted in flour (flour. why?) and no cracked pepper, but still.

and. it. was. good.

not as great as my beloved, but not bad at all. actually, pretty darn great.

would it be weird to take my own pepper grinder? i just may have to do that next time.

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