Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my highway buddies

i enjoy spotting vanity plates while driving. i like to think about who that person is, and why they chose that plate to represent who they are.

what's really fun is when i see the same plate more than once. that's when i count that person among my commuter friends, my vanity plate hall of fame.

i saw PUPLIMO both coming and going to work last week, and lo and behold, there she was again this morning, stopped right in front of me in a rain-induced traffic jam.

who is the puplimo lady? she drives a honda element. that we know. but why is her car a pup limo? does she have show dogs? i don't think so, because if she did, surely there would be some kind of window sticker proclaiming "i [heart] pomeranians," or some other such nonsense.

nope, just a puplimo tag and a "life is good" sticker, which means she's outdoorsy.

presumably, anyway. if i ever meet her in person, i'll ask.

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