Friday, September 11, 2009

i'm good enough, i'm smart enough ...

on the way to school today the boy was watching a berenstain bears dvd. sister bear was having a bad day because she was teased for having big ears.

I took this as an opportunity, in all my motherly wisdom, to give the boy a little lesson on self esteem.

"sweetie, sister bear is just fine the way she is," I said. "She shouldn't let anyone tell her she's not good enough. Even if she had big ears - which she doesn't - she should be proud of her features and be confident. We're all different and that's what makes us special. do you understand?"

he gave this some thought.

"yes, mommy, I understand.

and I'm so glad I don't have big ears like sister bear."

Doh! Try again.

"sweetie, when I was a little girl, sometimes the other kids teased me for having red hair. i hated my red hair. but now, i'm proud of my red hair. i love my red hair. because that's who i am and it makes me special. do you understand what i'm trying to tell you?"

"yes, mommy. it's really good that you don't have red hair anymore."

oh well.

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