Monday, August 3, 2009

sorry ken

i have strayed from my favorite sushi lunch haunt.

please don't tell ken.

i'm sure the always affable ken of the eponymous sushi restaurant near my office could understand my desire to visit around. especially after, well, somebody was stabbed in his parking lot, and well, died. yeah. and it was an employee who allegedly did it. but i digress.

this lovely piece of work is samurai sushi's choo choo roll. what's in it you ask? Well, eel, avocado, salmon and crab topped with more eel, sliced strawberries and toasted pine nuts, that's what. i gotta say, it was killer.

PS, Ken - i'm not hatin'. i'll see you wednesday.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

I am dying to try this place! It looks very good:) I tried the Cory Roll (named after Tyler's boss) at a party and it was amazing. I am definitely getting a sushi craving for Weds!

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