Monday, August 10, 2009

red tree is our happy place

we go to red tree coffee almost every saturday. it's so cute i can't get over it. and it's so close to our house in kingston springs.

we see people we know and make new friends. we have fantastic coffee and tasty pastries, like butterscotch almond scones, farm fresh tomato basil muffins and buttery cinnamon rolls. and it's always fun to see owners katie and amy behind the counter.

i always complained when we first moved here that the town needed a great coffee shop. and a fabulous gourmet restaurant. and a mexican restaurant. and a place that delivered pizza.

well, we've got all of those things now (red tree coffee, mack and kate's, el jardin, pizza and more, respectively) - and red tree is our favorite.

PS i stole this photo from red tree's facebook page. thanks, amy and katie!

1 comment:

Jean said...

It looks adorable. Can't wait to go there with you one of these days!

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