Thursday, August 20, 2009

more vanity 4 u

yesterday after picking up the boy I saw a vanity plate that said dores (i.e., vu commodores).

i scrambled for my blackberry to take a picture, but low and behold, my blackberry was gone. i pulled over and searched the car and it was not to be found. so i circled back to childcare, parked and scoured the lot.

just as i feared, i had left it sitting on the back of the car while i strapped in the boy. it must have flown off as i drove away.

there it was, laying in rubble in an alleyway. luckily it had not been run over and seems no worse for wear.

i didn't capture the dores plate but here are a few others i saw this week.

footnote: no shock that miss glamma drives a lexus, ms patent lawyer drives a merc and mr dooku drives a saturn. (though i can't imagine a star wars fanatic who likes hockey, but hey, it takes all kinds.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wife.... saw one today that said....NYYnkees

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