Wednesday, July 8, 2009

just a peeve of mine

bear with me. i am regularly annoyed by those who jaywalk across 21st avenue rather than going to the designated crosswalks and i just had to say something.

for some reason these people cannot be bothered to go to a street corner and wait their turn. instead they dash and dart between cars, like that '80s video game, Frogger, assuming it's perfectly safe.

well, it's not. jaywalking is dangerous, people. so stop doing it! you're making me a nervous wreck!

Here are the particular types of jaywalkers i've seen that annoy me most:

jaywalkers carrying starbucks coffee cups
jaywalkers talking on cell phones
jaywalkers talking on cell phones while carrying starbucks coffee cups
jaywalkers pushing baby strollers
jaywalkers wearing ugg boots, mini jean skirts, and large designer sunglasses
jaywalkers pulling luggage
jaywalkers wearing duke t-shirts
jaywalkers carrying small dogs
jaywalkers eating ben and jerry's ice cream

and last, but not least, jaywalkers, like the one pictured here, who just don't give a rip.

please give a sister a break and stop the madness. thank you.

1 comment:

CarolB said...

Joan, I feel your "pain". I also notice a number of jaywalkers in my L. A. County neighborhood. For me the saddest of all is when a "parent" strolls across the busy street holding the hand of a helpless child. What type of message is that sending the child ("it's okay to break the law" as long as it serves your immediate purpose)?
~Carol B.

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