Monday, July 13, 2009

i've created a monster

i decided to take the boy garage-saling on saturday and he immediately found a brand new remote control car for two dollars. can i have it mommy? sure.

at the next sale he found some kind of superhero watch thing that makes noises and lights up for 50 cents. he was over the moon. can i have it mommy? of course.

he loved perusing the tables of stuff, his ziploc sack of quarters in hand.

when we ran out of sales, we went to red tree coffee for our usual saturday morning feast, where he fired up the car on the sidewalk. big fun.

he is now IN LOVE with garage sales.

in. love.

for the rest of the weekend -- and this morning too, i might add -- he asked when we could go to another garage sale.

the boy is hooked. and you know, it beats taking him to toys r us and blowing 50 bucks on something he may or may not play with more than once.

the weekends just got a whole lot more interesting. and economical.

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