Friday, June 5, 2009

Family Vacation

It was a good thing we left a day early for our trip to Destin, Fla., since rain came in on Wednesday. Still, we were able to enjoy Sunday afternoon, all of Monday and all of Tuesday on the beach before the storms arrived.

Just enough time to get a little tan and get our fill of sun and fun. Jack Henry was insanely happy the entire time, which was awesome to see. We had to re-instate the mandatory nap rule or he would have gone all day and worn himself completely out. His favorite thing was running into the waves and then running back out again.

We also pulled him around in a boat, which he loved, though he was a little scared at times. He also liked sitting on the steps of the pool (no jumping in) and pretending to swim by paddling his feet.

We mostly ate low budget meals (Chik-Fil-a, Lenny's Subs, Merlin's Pizza) but did splurge one night at the Back Porch where we had crabcakes, grouper and tuna.

This trip was so different than last September, when it was just Hubz and me. (My parents kept the boy). This time we focused on the boy's happiness, which wasn't difficult since he was thrilled out of his mind to be on the beach. Hubz enjoyed it too - he was completely manic about building the perfect sandcastle. Though there were no cupcake places to visit (not that I could find, anyway), I had a tremendous time, especially at the pool. Chilling out with a People Magazine does it for me, y'all.

This time no side trips to the outlet mall (Oh, Coach Store, I know you will be waiting for me next time!) or tasty gourmet restaurants like Wild Olives in Rosemary Beach. But that didn't matter, since this was kind of our first real family vacation and that made it special.

After we packed up on Wednesday we took a detour to Mobile, Ala., where we toured the USS Alabama Battleship. It has special significance for Hubz as his great uncle Rupert served on that ship during World War II.

We hope to return in September if my mom and dad can watch the boy again. Before then, we have a trip to my parents' house in Central Illinois, so be watching for posts on that later this month.

It's vacay season, folks, so get out there. Don't let the economy get you down. The beach is just the thing to cure what ails ya.

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Chris Fenoglio said...

Great photos from the beach, though I should not have looked at the crab cakes before bedtime. I want some!

Excellent smiles on Jack Henry's face. Glad you all had a great time!


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