Friday, May 8, 2009

Whole New Me

I've been on a journey to feel better lately. Stress, anxiety and exhaustion have dominated my days. I can't remember things. I feel overwhelmed. I am a perfectionist. I try to do too much.

But I'm making little changes that are adding up to a whole lot of goodness. Don't take my advice - do what works for you. But this is what is working for me. I feel better already!

Kombucha (Kom BOO chuh)
One in the morning makes me feel like a million bucks. Calm, centered and energized. Available at Whole Foods, it is a fermented Chinese tea that contains anti-oxidants, pro-biotics and vitamins. Tastes like a fruit drink mixed with vinegar, but is oddly addictive. It suppresses the appetite, too, so it keeps me from snacking at work. Promotes digestion, the immune system, and healthy skin and hair. PS I'm drinking this instead of multiple cups of coffee throughout the day which means I'm much less edgy!

Acai (Uh SIGH EE)
Also available at Whole Foods, I drink a shot in the morning and one at night, mixed with fruit juice. Loaded with Anti-oxidants and Omega3 Fatty Acids, Acai is a super food. The pulp is derived from Acai berries from the Brazillian rainforests, and it promotes healthy skin, healthy heart function and overall better immunity.

Yin Yoga

I have been practicing yoga for years, in particular, the more strenuous Iyengar Yoga. I also have tried Anusara, which is good too. I enjoy Yin Yoga because it is restorative and is not meant to be a work-out. It simply relaxes the body through slow, gentle stretching and breathing. Perfect for people who are not flexible or who are dealing with old injuries (in my case, lower back problems.) More important, it is one hour of "me" time that restores my body - and my mind.

Making my own juice

Jack Henry loves helping me with making juice. We put in carrots, apples and oranges for a sweet drink. Also we're doing some veggies, like carrot, beet and wheat grass. Beets and wheat grass we do in moderation because those cleanse the body by detoxifying the liver, which means you can feel crummy after drinking it. We're taking it slow on the detoxifyers.

Not going to the gym

What? Not going to the gym? No. Not right now. It's too stressful for me to drive over there, circle forever to find a parking spot, and hurry to finish so I can get to daycare to pick up Jack Henry. It is just one more way to beat myself up. Instead I go to Yin Yoga on Monday nights and then during the rest of the week I mix it up with some lunchtime walks, as well as yoga and light hand weights at home.

Making better food choices

I try to substitute a healthy option whenever I can. I eat nuts in the car instead of goldfish crackers. I buy salmon or sushi instead of red meat. Little changes are a great start to a better diet.

Letting go of perfectionism

Nobody's perfect. So why do I keep trying to be? Letting myself be human is a huge part of my journey to better health. I am making a conscious effort to let go of the million "shoulds" in my life. If the dishes don't get done ... if the dust bunnies grow into dust monsters ... Oh well. I breathe deep and tell myself, it's OK. I can't do everything. So that means saying no sometimes and prioritizing my mental health over other commitments.

In just two weeks I am sleeping better, feeling healthier and am more at peace. That's good for me, good for Hubz, and good for my precious Jack Henry. Ultimately, I hope my example promotes health, not only for me, but my whole family.

I will say, that if I do have a glass of wine or have a couple slices of pizza, I'm not going to stress. It's all good. It's all a journey.

PS So how does this affect my addiction to all things cupcake? Not at all. Except that maybe I'm more sensitive to the health needs of the people around me before cranking out pan after pan of cupcakes and leaving them in the break room. I'm also looking into some more healthy ingredients I can use, so stay tuned. The key is balance, so cupcakes are not going away, trust me.


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Jean said...

You're speaking my language. Love it. Keep taking care of YOU!

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