Thursday, May 21, 2009

My arch enemy: the Chigger

Invisible to the human eye, chiggers are tiny, but mighty in appetite. While they avoid Hubz and the boy, they love feasting on my ankles, even as I dash from car to house.

The also love my arms, legs, belly and just about any other part of my exposed flesh. Note these lovely red welts on my right calf.

And those are just the bites that I've avoided scratching. The ones I have scratched (and make no mistake, chigger bites are very, very itchy) are red or purple and in some cases scabbed. Yes, scabbed.

I'm covered in chigger bites, and it's not even Memorial Day yet.

A special thanks should be extended to my pharmacist for totally freaking me out yesterday with the admonition to put gasoline on my welts in order to kill the tiny creatures embedded and BURROWING, yes BURROWING into my flesh!

Aquick stroll on the Internet debunked that myth. But thank, you anyway, for the visual.


Kelly said...

We used to always get chiggers when we went to visit my grandmother in Iowa - we used to put nailpolish on the bites - seemed to work if I remember correctly:) But I do remember that terrible itch!

Justin said...

My goodness. I know what you mean. I thought I had a sign on me that said "Chigger Bait".

Funny your pharmacist suggested gas. Did he mention the ice pick for putting it out with after setting it on fire? ;)

Look, these guys saved my life and a few others as well I am sure. I was after the gas and ice pick when I found them and I can only say "Thank God and". Sort of a take off on Thank God and Greyhound" theme.

It is well forth the few bucks for their report on how to control chiggers if you are needing a treatment.

Good luck.

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