Friday, March 13, 2009

Southern Fried happiness

Here's a couple of shots of the meal we had for Antwan's send-off. (I had to take these photos surreptitiously as the server announced that talking on cell phones, checking voicemail, texting, or even thinking about one's portable electronic devices is simply not done at Monell's. It's called manners, y'all.)

Anyway, our friend Antwan is just about the smartest guy I know and the best tech guy a technically challenged gal like myself could ask for. While he's just changing departments, we won't see him as much, so we had to mark the occasion in the best way we knew how: Lunch at Monell's in historic Germantown.

It was a traditional Southern meal that included fried chicken, fried catfish, cole slaw, corn pudding, biscuits and preserves, cornbread, broccoli salad, green beans, white beans, mashed potatoes, collard greens, sweet tea, and banana pudding.

Monell's is in a renovated four-square and you sit in a parlor at a long dining table and pass the bowls of food to whomever you're seated with and eat family style. It was a thoroughly satisfying meal.

Then I forced the guys to take me to Cupcake Collection down the street. (Well I couldn't just drive by without buying a few, now could I??)

Now I need a nap. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

PS Oh - Antwan, can I still ichat you when my computer doesn't work? Just wonderin'.


Cakes By Shara said...

Brocade Designs in the Arcade(formally Nashville Plant CO) is going to carry my cupcakes. I decided to Wholesale again with clear guidelines. She will get the large cupcakes I think and possible small ones as well. Natural window boxes and I would bet Vanilla, Vanilla. I will let you know when then are in. A little closer to your area then MT Juliet.
I love Monell's

Joan said...

that is great news!! I'm so glad I will have easy access to your fantastic cupcakes again!

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