Friday, March 6, 2009

SoCal recap

[UPDATE: A HUGE shout-out to Jean's co-workers at Pitzer College. What lovely people! I'm so glad to have met you - take care of my sis!]

After a monster nap, I picked up Jack Henry from daycare and we went to nearby Dulce's for a red velvet cupcake. It's so great being back with my little guy again.

I'm still digesting (no pun intended) the week's activities in SoCal with twinny Jean. We ate and talked and went on adventures, culinary and otherwise. The weather was lovely and I couldn't have had a nicer time. Being with Jean is a breath of fresh air - it's rare time for me to totally 100 percent be myself, with someone who knows exactly what I'm thinking and what I'm about. We are each other's best friend, and for that I'm so thankful. Read the recently beefed-up posts below to get caught up on the entire trip.

In this post are some fabulous pictures of Isaiah's birthday party, which I had the privilege of helping with. It was amazing. (And yes, it's the same theme as Jack Henry's monkey party - I found the Martha Stewart Monkey Party in a box on clearance and mailed it to Jean in advance.) Isaiah and Jackson are precious and I can't wait for the kids to get older so we can travel more and let our little ones play together. The party was fabulous in true Jean fashion. There were grown up goodies for the parents, including mimosas and bruscetta, and the kids not only made their own pizzas but decorated the cupcakes I made. It was a perfectly civilized afternoon, and nobody got hurt. How many 3-year-old birthday parties can boast that? Jean's got the entertaining mojo (unlike her twin). I miss them all so much already.

Peace, love and cupcakes, Y'all.

PS the champagne and appetizers were for the adults, not the three-year-olds. duh!


Kelly said...

Looks like you had a great time! All your fun stories and pictures inspired me to schedule a girls weekend with my sister to celebrate her birthday! We missed you at lunch - can't wait to catch up in person.

Joan said...

sister time is the best. now i need to get down to naples, fla., to see my sister charlotte.

hope to see you and sheryl soon!

little cardmaker said...

Love the monkey cupcakes! I'm still thinking about what I want to do for my little girl's upcoming 2nd birthday.

Joan said...

the monkey in a box kit is really good quality. however, they were on clearance here, so might be hard to find.
i love your cards!

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