Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just when you thought there were no more "cupcakes saved me from finanical ruin" stories out there

This is an interesting tidbit from the New York Times. I'm not sure how long the NYT keeps their articles live, so I pasted the text below. Thanks, Jean for the tip, who got it from Lucia Perry.

Melissa Bushell lost what she said was a boring job in advertising, started baking, and now seems to have succeeded at the near-impossible challenge of finding something new to do with cupcakes. Hers are likely to be the ultimate recessionproof treats, $1 for one bite of flavorful cake (chocolate, vanilla, yellow or red velvet) with a perky dollop of icing and a garnish like jelly, sprinkles or cookie crumbs.

There are seven varieties of Baked by Melissa mini-cupcakes, including a take on s’mores, another filled with peanut butter and a bright tie-dyed vanilla, her signature. She bakes the cupcakes at Cafe Bari, 529 Broadway (Spring Street) and sells them there, from a window on Spring Street just west of Broadway.

The more cupcakes you buy, the cheaper they are (a dozen are $10; 100 are $70 if you pick them up yourself, $100 if delivered). They can be ordered online for delivery in Manhattan:, (212) 842-0220.

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