Monday, March 2, 2009

healthy snack

Ok, so we went to yoga and for a sauna at the clarement club. Then we came home and made tuna salad and turned on the bachelor finale. We agree the show is hopelessly sexist and flawed in so many ways. Yet, we can't stop watching. Don't judge us. By the way, what in the freaking world is going on with this bachelor? koo koo!

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Jessica said...

I feel so in France where there is limitless breads and cheeses and wines. I walk everyday just so I can have my pain ou chocolat or an eclair chocolat. There are hundreds of thousands kinds of cheeses! Who knew mold would be so fantastic at the end of every meal (with the exception of breakfast!) I eat cereal with chocolate chunks in it! I am so lucky or am I unlucky? Chocolate, cheese and alcohol is in everything. A woman's best friend and enemy at the same time? Somehow we co-exist!

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