Wednesday, March 4, 2009

almost time to go

Well, it's my last day in sunny LA - my flight leaves at noon. (insert sad face emoticon here)

I plan to do a wrap-up of the week's activities so you can hear more about my wonderful time with sis and see lots more pics which are currently trapped in my digital camera.

It may look like all we did was eat, but there is more to it. Being with my twin sister is like connecting two halves of a whole. When I'm with her, I'm complete. (Insert lame "you complete me" Austin Powers reference here). She is my identical twin. No one else can finish my sentences, think simultaneous thoughts and understand me so completely (sorry hubz!).

But I'm not going to be sad (yet). After all. I have a few hours left and Jean and I plan to enjoy every moment.

PS I just talked to jack henry on the phone. He said "Mommy, are you coming home yet?" and I said, "yes, I'm coming home today. Daddy is bringing you to the airport after school to pick me up." He said, "Hurray! Daddy! Did you hear that?! We are going to the airport with mommy!!"

Hubz said when he got JH to school he was telling his friends he was going to the airport and they all started jumping up and down, saying they wanted to go too. I can't wait to see my precious boy. He's had such a wonderful time with his daddy.

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