Friday, February 13, 2009

Three musketeers

Jack Henry, Ryan and Winston wore their matching V-day shirts today - Thanks, Kelly - But we never did get a photo of the three of them together. By the time us three mommies arrived to this afternoon's Valentine's party, they were on their second or third cupcake, so you can imagine the state of mind they were all in. By the end of it, at least two of them were in tears and one had sand up his nose ... we'll leave it at that. As Winston's mommy says, it's not a party until somebody's crying. Here's our precious angels. May they be best friends forever.

Happy V-day, Ya'll!

PS the red beards are not courtesy of my red velvet cupcakes. Another mom also brought cupcakes and they had about a six inch pile of red icing on top. For some reason the kids wanted these instead of mine. Boo.

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