Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A few of my favorite (SoCal) things

I'm not saying I'll have time to do all of these things. Not even close. But it's fun to dream.

Fish Tacos at Rubio's
Creme Brulee scones and tea at Julienne's
Happy hour at Sushi Roku
Foreign films at Laemmle's Playhouse 7
Indian take-out while watching shows on TIVO
Gospel brunch at House of Blues
Potato tacos at Los Tacos
Toast and eggs at Pie and Burger
Rooftop dining at Cafe Santorini
Shopping at Elise B. in Old Town Pasadena
Potato and cracked pepper bagel at Noah's
Watching the sunset at Laguna Beach
Guacamole and chips at La Paloma
Lunch and a movie at The Arclight
Taking the train
Cooking with Jean
Tapas and sangria at La Luna Negra
Gulab Jamun and sari shopping in Little India
The Zen garden at the Norton Simon Museum
Mojitos at Xiomara
People-watching at Canter's
Sunday brunch at the Four Seasons
Doro Wat at Nyala on Fairfax
Pad Thai on the patio at Saladang
The whole fish at Yang Chow
The pool at The Ritz Carlton
Donuts at Winchell's
... and so much more!

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