Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's a vanity plate conundrum

I am obsessed with vanity license plates. Looking for them, I mean. I'm in the car a lot, so I amuse myself by looking for vanity plates and trying to figure out what they mean. Some are obvious. This one, not so much.

Bean Tater?
Bean Twayder?

What you do think? I am leaning toward "Bean Twayder," which I translate as "Bean trader" with an Elmer Fudd accent. But what is a bean trader? Maybe a stock broker? Or maybe it's just random numbers and letters and means nothing at all.

Here are a few vanity plates that I've seen around town on numerous occasions. Some of these I've been able to meet the owners and get the story behind the letters. Others are a mystery.


What vanity plates have you seen? Next time you see a good one, take a pic and send it my way.

PS for more vanity plate foolishness and mayhem, visit


HorribleLicensePlates said...

Hey you might like my blog

We have lots of plates and the interpretations.


Joan said...

pretty hilarious! thanks for commenting!

Kelly said...

There may not be a mystery. If I remember my parents plates, I think Michigan makes all their plates with letters and numbers. So I think you just pay little more for the Spartan S but then you don't have a choice on the letters and numbers. Just some insights from a Michigan person. But I like you guesses!!! I always wanted to get a sports car and then get a vanity plate that says "Mine". For now I am just a mommy mobile.

Joan said...

thanks for your help. Could be it's just random. In Illinois, it's my understanding that you don't have to pay extra to pick the letters you want on your plate, as long as you let the state pick the numbers. So literally everybody has their name or some kind of personalized comment on their plate. It's kind of overkill. I like it that in tennessee they are harder to come by.

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