Thursday, December 25, 2008

Santa Shmanta?

Jack Henry bounded out of bed this morning around 7 proclaiming, "It's Christmas morning! It's Christmas morning!" Though we left out cookies for Santa last night, and dutifully listened for reindeer hoofs before sleeping, the boy doesn't seem to be a believer. Why, you say? Well, after each gift he said,"Thank you, Mommy and Daddy for the present! It's just what I wanted!" No mention of Santa.

Anyway, we didn't go overboard (we thought) but the toys each had a million pieces so we (we = Hubz) spent most of the morning putting things together while Jack Henry said, "Can I play with it now? Can I play with it now?"

A castle with dragons and knights; a bendable race track with cars; pirate action figures; and a rescue helicopter were big hits. We combined all the toys so that the race track runs through the castle, the helipad is near by to rescue wounded knights; and the pirates are in the castle's dungeon. I don't know who's having more fun, Jack Henry or Daddy.

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