Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No good can come of this

Yesterday I saw this suspiciously crunched-looking unopened Sprite can on the break room table. Surely if opened it will explode. Who left it there? And why? And what did they have to gain by leaving it there? Strange.

UPDATE: OK, during the night, the can sprung a tiny leak, letting out some of the air pressure (and some of the Sprite). When I popped the top as I held the can over the sink, it, did ... well, nothing. Crisis averted. It's still strange, though.


Jean said...

Why were you there in the middle of the night? Were you just watching the can until it sprung a leak?

Joan said...

OK - I didn't stay there all night. I saw it the next morning. But that would have made the story much more interesting if I HAD stayed there all night.

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