Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It's funny that I was planning to post something about dreams today and lo and behold, my twinny in sunny LA had the same idea. We often think alike, but her post is much more poetic than what I'm about to tell you. My big news is that I had my first "cupcake dream." Here's how it went: I was out with my family in downtown Peoria and came across a SPRINKLES CUPCAKES STAND! I was so excited and fumbled for my purse for that $20 grandma sent me for my birthday. DRAT! I couldn't find my purse. It was nowhere to be found. That meant no money for cupcakes. And even worse, NO BLACKBERRY! I then went on a circuitous and convoluted journey of trying to find my purse and cell phone and money. Oh, the panic. Then I realized I didn't have my glasses either, so everything was BLURRY. So I got in a car and started driving and suddenly realized I was LOST. Yeah, not too inspiring. If you want to be inspired, read my sissy's post on WHALE DREAMS.

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