Monday, October 6, 2008

Paging Dr. John

Jack Henry would like to see you. He has the coughs. Jack Henry was really excited to see Dr. John today. It was his 3-year-old check-up, so we were going anyway. But Jack Henry wanted to share with Dr. John about having "the coughs." Of course, they are practically gone at this point, but it made him feel very important to discuss this with his doctor.

All signs point to a ridiculously normal child. He is progressing steadily on height and weight, though Dr. John used the term "stocky," which I tried not to have hurt feelings about.

They tested his vision by using flash cards, and my brilliant lad surprised everyone with his insight. "That's a pine tree!" he said. "That's a panda bear!" He said. They were just expecting "tree" and "bear," so everyone was duly impressed. He endured his first blood pressure test without incident; jumped on the scale and allowed himself to be weighed and measured, let Dr. John look in his ears and mouth and tried not to squirm when the doc squeezed his belly. A well-deserved treat of M&Ms topped off the visit.

I of course had to brag to anyone who would listen that my boy A) has been potty trained since before he was 2 years old; B) sleeps in a full size bed and doesn't use sippy cups; C) Knows the entire ABC's song; and D) has aspirations to one day "make music like Daddy."

Proud mamma, indeed.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Well you should be proud! What a cutie and he must have one heck of a personality!

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