Thursday, October 23, 2008

Delicious Designs

I love Delicious Blog and Web Design Studio. Their illustrations are so cute.

Check out this adorable design created for Burned Bits.

And here I sit with my Blogspot template.

*Sigh* ... a girl can dream.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lady! :)

We offer a ton of free and premade blog templates. Is there something specific you were interested in? Maybe I can come up with a cute free design you can use!


Joan said...

Wow! How did you find me? Hopefully you're not mad I made a screen grab from the burned bits design!! I would love something similar to this, only a redhead with green eyes ... and she would be frosting a cupcake instead of a cake. Also have a little blond/blue eyed boy peeking up behind the cupcake. If that's too much for a freebie, send me a quote!

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