Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Whatever, Martha!"

This show sounds like it has promise, and perhaps it does. Martha Stewart's acerbic daughter Alexis and her besty Jennifer watching and skewering old episodes of "Martha Stewart Living?" Genius. But wait. It's a production of Martha Stewart Omnimedia, and so, the domestic goddess's perfectly manicured hands are all over it. Martha's even pictured in the opening sequence, sitting between Alexis and Jennifer!

On Martha's morning talk show yesterday, she brought on A&J to promote "Whatever, Martha!", and dear old mom made sure to let the audience know the show was her idea and she approached the girls to do it in the first place. Controlling, yes? Yes.

The girls proceeded to frost a cake together while tossing a few watered-down barbs at Martha, who ultimately called them "spoiled" through gritted teeth. Awkward. I watched a few minutes of "Whatever, Martha!," and it actually had a couple of funny moments, mostly thanks to the free-spirited Jennifer.

Alexis's attempts to make fun of her mom while simultaneously bragging about her own superb pesto-making skills just doesn't ring true. Jealous a little? I say we put Martha and her daughter in a ring and let them fight it out and put an end to all this passive aggressive crap.

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