Friday, August 8, 2008

There's just something about Kelly

When Jack Henry came to Miss Kelly's room more than a year ago, it was a big adjustment for me. Transitioning my baby from the infant room to a toddler room seemed unthinkable. And yet, it was time.

And so we began a new phase in Jack Henry's life. Kelly was the one to advise me to retire the sippy cup, to start buying Pull-ups, to trade in the Pull-ups for Elmo underwear, and to transition him out of the crib into a big-boy bed. Big steps, for sure, and I couldn't have done them without her.

Fearful beings that we are, sometimes we moms need a shove when it comes to letting our babies grow up. And now it's time for another shove. Jack Henry graduates from his toddler class today, and will officially move up to the pre-school room on Monday.

The thing is, I know it is time. But that doesn't make it any easier. Jack Henry will be OK, but will I? Kelly has been such a wonderful teacher (along with help from new teacher Anna and former teacher Mary), always going above and beyond.

She didn't have to potty train Jack Henry (before he turned two!), but she did. She didn't have to teach him to do the running man and the cabbage patch during dance time, but she did. She didn't have to spend her own money on extra arts and crafts materials, and help him make adorable cards for all the holidays, but she did.

She didn't have to remember all the funny things he and his two buddies Winston and Ryan did that were adorable so she could tell us at the end of the day, but she did.

What will we do without her? Our new teacher is going to be wonderful and we trust the future holds great things. But Miss Kelly, you will always be our special teacher and friend. We love you!

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Antwan said...

This is touching!

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