Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vacay or stay-cay?

We're thinking about going to the beach in September but aren't sure where to go. Destin? Gulf Shores? Hilton Head? We want to drive, not fly. Also we want to stay on the beach so we don't have to do any driving once we get down there. We're hoping for something not-so-touristy. Jack Henry will stay home with Granny (sniffle, sniffle) so, it's just going to be hubby and me. Any suggestions? Part of me just wants to check into the Embassy Suites near the Nashville airport and camp out at the pool for the week. How can I leave my baby? But hubby says getting away would do us good.


thebeachiscalling said...

Joan - The staycation has gotten so much hype in the media this summer because of the high gas prices. But staying in a hotel in your home town isn't the same as the experience of a vacation. The drive to another location is puts real and symbolic distance between you and all those things you are taking a break from.

I prefer Gulf Shores and coming from Nashville it would be the quickest drive for you. And that means more beach time.

September is a great time for couples on the beach. I hope you have an awesome time.

Jeremy & Robin said...

You guys need to visit Rosemary Beach!

Check it out!

We just got back from a week in Rosemary and it was amazing.


Joan said...

Jeremy - e-mail me - where did you stay?

Jessica said...

HHI! That is where I got married and have spent a week there almost every year since I was 6. And September would be an awesome time to go. There is a Holiday Inn Oceanfront as well as a Mariott Monarch (I think that is what its called that is on the ocean) as well as many villas w/in a short walk to the beach. I love everything about HHI, especially the lack of anything touristy. Let me know if you want more info - I love it there! Oh and I was just there in May for my babymoon! :-)

Joan said...

i like HH too. I love that it is not touristy like destin.

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