Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Recurring dreams

Reader Jessica's comment on "dreams" got me thinking. Do you have a recurring dream or nightmare? I do. It's always the same. I'm on a work trip to attend a convention or conference. I search high and low, but for some reason, can never find my hotel room. OK, now that I said that out loud, it doesn't sound very disturbing. But in the dream it's really frustrating. I very often dream I am lost. I imagine someone could analyze that and find a deep psychological reason for it. Or maybe it's just because I have a terrible sense of direction and I very often am lost. What's your recurring dream?

(OK you lurkers, you know who you are. Time to weigh in!)


amykat said...

I confess, I am a lurker. :)

My recurring nightmare is always about teaching (I taught 7th grade science for six years), and it usually starts happening, oh, right about this time of the year (even though I stopped teaching almost ten years ago!). It's always the same...the students figure out that there are more of them than there are of me and things get ugly. Shudder.

Joan said...

seventh grade science? Brutal.
PS we love the lurkers. keep lurking!

Cakes By Shara said...

My Nightmare is about school even though I got my AAS in culinary arts I keep thinking they are coming to take that away. Strange huh. I have flying dreams too but those are cool!

John Skinner said...

I have two.

One is being the in the back seat of a moving car and no one else is in the car, and I'm sluggish (In the dream, it's like I have been drugged or extremely sleepy). I'm trying to steer and not wreck, while trying to get my feet up to the break. I can't co-ordinate my body or keep my head pointed towards the road. The fear is that I'll die in a wreck or kill someone else with the car!

Second is being backstage right before the show, for a reunion concert with my old band I was in 15 years ago. Without having prepared and no rehearsals! I am excited, but fearful of not remembering anything. Then realizing I don't have my bass, or strings or something necessary for the show to go on.

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