Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Earthquake in Los Angeles

A 5.4 earthquake hit Chino Hills, California, about 45 minutes ago - which is not far from my sister's home in Pomona. Jean is at a conference and I just heard from her - she is fine. My mom and dad are visiting out there right now, so they experienced the quake with pictures falling off walls, cabinet doors flying open and the like. They went outside and commiserated with neighbors, and it seems no one in the immediate vicinity was hurt. The boys are at daycare and they also are fine. We haven't heard back from Jean's husband Rupert yet, since cell phone reception has been spotty. He is supposedly on the train right now, heading from LA to Pomona so he can drive mom and dad to the airport. There have been about 30 aftershocks since the quake. No major structural damage or serious injuries have been reported. It is considered a "moderate" earthquake, but it has been felt up to 200 miles away.

UPDATE: I just spoke with Rupert and he is fine. Thank goodness this "moderate" earthquake didn't cause more damage or injury.

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