Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's me or the cupcakes

My joyous cupcake party was not so fun - Jack Henry hated that I was busy and he really couldn't do a lot to help. So he did what all almost-three-year-olds do: threw fit after fit. The lemon ones turned out pretty well. I overfilled on the chocolate ones so they basically ballooned up and overflowed like volcanoes. I had to toss most of them. Ultimately I ended up with enough cupcakes for the Mom's group and for Jack Henry's day care so it all worked out. And Jack Henry got to do the sprinkles so he was happy about that. They didn't turn out as fabulous as I hoped, but not bad for a cupcake dilletante.
Update - the Mommies loved the cupcakes and the leftovers seem to be going fast in the breakroom.


Soprano said...

Yep -- the Mommies did indeed love the cupcakes.

The icing was exquisite: not too sweet, balanced creamy/grainy texture, just enough lemon for a tart little kick. (Usually, I scrape off and discard cake icing because most of it tastes awful, but this icing got licked off. Yum.)

The cake had a subtle lemon flavor and a fine crumb. Perfect proportion of icing to cake.

And the sprinkles were extra wonderful -- compliments to Jack Henry. :-)

Cakes By Shara said...

The chocolate love to bubble over! I hate this more than anything because sometimes they just do it. What I do to save the cupcake because they are still good is I scrap off the overflowed cake spot then re-line the cupcake with a new liner right over the top of this liner so the ugly cake blotch on the side is covered up, then ice as normal that way you don't have to throw out yummy cake! With chocolate I have noticed that they do best in a oven all by themselves on the top rack. If you still want to pitch the cake you could save it for cake balls or cupcake bites those would be fun for Jack henry to dip in chocolate. I hope you don't mind the tid bits of info :) Happy baking!

Joan said...

next time I will do this when Jack Henry is already in bed. Part of the problem was rushing because he was getting cranky. Also I think I will also put just a few in the oven at a time so that I can check to be sure I haven't overfilled.

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